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Ghost Max

Stride comfortably on every run and walk in the protective Ghost Max.
Featuring a high stack of super-soft DNA LOFT v2 cushioning, GlideRoll
Rocker transition technology, and built-in stability that won’t interfere
with a neutral stride

Assisted transitions
GlideRoll Rocker actively promotes
smooth heel-toe transitions for an
effortless feeling as you move.
Protective cushioning
A high stack of DNA LOFT v2 cushioning and
unique GlideRoll Rocker work together to decrease
pressure underfoot for protective comfort.

Stable ride
A broad base offers inherent stability
for a secure feel that doesn’t interfere
with a neutral stride.

"Honestly, I love everything! The fit is
great! The shoe is soft enough that I don't
feel stiff and cramped, yet it's structured
enough to feel secure. The shoe has great
cushion. The tongue is soft, with the
perfect amount of padding."

• Running or walking.
• Anyone who wants a cushioned,
protected ride and stable landings.
• Past fans of the Dyad.

price $150
available 10/01/2023
midsole height 28:22
full stack height 39:33
midsole drop 6 mm
weight 9.0 oz (W)
10.0 oz (M)

• Helps keep some people moving in their
habitual motion path.
• Soft cushioning, GlideRoll Rocker, and
lower offset can benefit plantar fasciitis,
metatarsalgia, and Morton's neuroma.
• Also good for walking, as it reduces energy
absorption in foot soft tissues so they don’t
work as hard.
• Unique Linear Last construction makes fit
inclusive of foot shapes and orthotics.


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